Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Online dating?

My misadventures in online dating have been fodder for a few entries, everything from Nigerian phone scams to Russian "women" who really like my structure. And usually they're pretty easy to spot. OkCupid tends to be a little more free of the spammish, but once in a while they come across.

So today I get this one:

27F, Petersburg, Russia
Hi there! I liked your profile very much and I guess we will find what to talk about. I am searching for my better half now, and I want to find an understandable, kind and honest person. I am 28 years old, and still can't find a man who would be meant for me. I wish you could help me with this :)I live in Russia, and I hope you won't think, that I am rude like it's always shown in films. I am romantic, kind and my heart is full of love which I would like to give to the man of my dreams. So, my name Ann, and my profile
is 'Annochka78'. I will be very happy if you will answer me!
So I'm waiting. Write me directly on my e-mail, it is

Yep, earmarks. Not mentioning me or any interests by name, not being specific about much, supplying an external e-mail for contact.

Thing is, there is actually a profile. And it looks real. Somebody has actually taken the time to fill out the questions, or at least enough of them to have something of a calculated profile.

Uh. Nice picture. And there are two others.


And I can't really knock OkCupid, becauise I did actually meet someone real whose company I do enjoy.

It smacks of being fake. But I can't figure out what the scam would be.

Anybody else get this one?

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