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Becoming a porn producer

Last night I watched an ABC Primetime special where they followed a couple of women through their careers in the porno industry. I was kind of amazed that even some of the high-end porno productions were done using equipment that isn't any better than mine. I was also amazed at how little the performers were paid (less than $1000 per movie for straight sex), so I started thinking about whether or not I'd want to become a porn producer.

It's not the first time. I've been asked before whether or not I'd consider it, and the answer is yes, I'd consider it. I've even researched things like distribution (I have a friend who works at an adult video distribution company) and where to find talent (and yes, it's out there). I haven't gone as far as checking into the legal issues, as that pretty much means paying money for an entertainment attorney to do research, and I'm not so interested that I'm wanting to put money into it yet.

And I could certainly treat the performers better than what I saw on the special. For one, I would require the use of condoms and regular checkups, and would stay away from some of the more dangerous and abusive styles.

So I have to wonder. I'm looking for a way of producing income, I have the equipment and resources, so I have to consider it.

First, it's a business. I don't have a great head for business, but I can work up a business plan. Probably not something that would take on investors, so I'd probably have to fund the productions myself.

So yeah, I could do it. But should I?

Thing is that I look at production as an art. I want to take the time to do things like lighting and sound and story content, all of which are kind of antithetical to the porn industry. And I'm far too much of a soft touch, and would probably get trampled by the hardened women of porn. :)

So for now, I think not.

But I keep it in the back of my mind.
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