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They call me MISTER stubble...

I am intrigued by the personas that we put forth online.

Certainly nobody really thinks that what we see online actually represents the person we are reading about, any more than an artist's sketch actually represents the person being sketched. It's part of the reason that I use the 'Park icons for pictures-- they are cartoons, sketches that kinda show me, but really don't.

But at the same time, we like to represent ourselves in something of a good light. I know I want people to like me, so I try and write stuff that's in some way entertaining and funny, or thought-provoking, or sometimes just plain silly. I also take to bouts of creative writing that may sometimes be dark and disturbing because I'm in the mood to write something dark and disturbing. I don't write about everything that happens in my life, because a lot of it is just plain boring. And some of it is just plain nobody's business but mine.

Mostly, I try and talk about how I feel about stuff, because I've had a hard time understanding feelings, and if I try to put them to words, I can understand them better myself. I find it rather difficult, because feelings are not entirely encapsulated by words-- it's like the words are sketchy representations of the feelings-- and often times they are inadequate to the task.

But still, they can do some wonderful things.

And then there are the people who show pictures. Tiny snapshots of their lives. Again, an artist's representation, but of a different sort. Some are day-to-day events. Some are artistic renderings. Some are just weird shit. But in each case, they place a little bit more about the person, or at least what they want you to see.

Of course, there's a flipside to that. Because I'm aware of that, I tend to not hold back, and talk about some things which might be offensive to some. And I'm really okay with that. Because if you are offended by what I talk about, you would probably be offended by my personality as well. I don't want to be nice to everyone, or socially acceptable in all situations.

It's like walking around the house naked. It's my house, and if I want to do it, then I'm gonna do it. If you happen to look in and see me and your eyes are burned out because of it, well...

And really, I haven't had any complaints. A little teasing now and then, which I cherish like the memory of high-school snuggies, but nobody has said anything to me that implies that I'm too shocking, or too gross, or too whatever. So I think I'm doing okay. And after spending time pulling up random links, I can say that there are a lot of people out there that are much farther out than I am.

I have thought about opening up to questions, much like I have seen others do. And now that I have access to the bells & whistles, I may do that. It's a little scary because it's possible that I may get asked a question that may cross the safe boundary that I have set up for myself, but at the same time, I can't think of a question that would actually cross that boundary. And maybe if one did, it would be good for me.

So let me turn that around for a minute: what question do you feel would be crossing your personal on-line boundary? Something that might make you feel uncomfortable answering, and why does it make you uncomfortable?

Talk amongst yourselves. I'm all verklempt.

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