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Well, I managed to kill off two more major bugsets today, and I now have 3 of the 4 viewers working properly, or at least seeming to. Because the data is pretty much random and there are very few accurate conversions in place, the results are meaningless, but they move the dials and it all looks pretty.
One of them is still bugging the shit out of me. It crashes in a totally weird place, and it's the same place that works properly 99% of the time. And it's not in a connected system. It's like if you have a jar on a shelf in your basement with the label turned sideways, your TV doesn't work.
But on a good note, I'm done a tad bit early, which means a bit more hot-tub/relaxin' time. Which I like. Duh.
Of course, I sit here writing in my livejournal. Why?

Because I care. :)

Silly me, I added some cayenne pepper to the snack mix. You gotta love a spice that comes with a warning label to avoid contact with eyes and skin. I now need to buy more diet Coke. And maybe find a new book. I just had to give up on "Always a Thief". It is so bad. I'm halfway through the book. It's supposedly about an international jewel thief, but so far the entire thing has been about the lady cop who is falling for the rogue against her better judgement. The entire book. It's not even a good romance novel. Gah.
Although I do have an unread copy of "Miss Wyoming" in the bottom of my bag, and Douglas Coupland is usually a pretty good read.

BTW, I finished Dreamcatcher. I liked the book. Now to see the movie.

And I found out Owatonna does indeed have a movie theater. In a mall. 6 screens. Not planning on going. Also a bowling alley. May go there, but probably not. The hot tub beckons, with its bubbly siren song...

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