Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Last night dreams. First one involved my being on a movie set in some capacity (seemed like DP), and it wa ssome sort of big-budget science fiction/horror movie taking oplace on a spaceceraft-- think ALIEN. There was a particular shot that we were trying to get that involved a long dolly shot and some lighting effects, and it just wasn't working. I came up with an idea about using blacklight fluorescents and told the director, and he agreed. Then he told me to make it happen and walked away. I tried to call over the heads of the affected departments, but they all blew me off and wrapped the shoot for the day. Ultimately frustrating.

Next dream involved naked women floating in big glass tubes, all being tended by zombies. They were being tended, like some sort of body farm. In all honesty, I blame David Lynch for that wonderful bit of imagery.

Speaking of David Lynch, one of the DVDs thatI picked up was Dumbland, which is a series of animated shorts by him. I couldn't fathom beforehand what an animated line-drawing series from David Lynch would be like, and after seeing four episodes, I'm still not sure that I can comprehend it. The main character is an id-violent mouth-breathing brute who gratuitously uses the word fuck and farts emphatically. There is gratuitous violence, and bizarre-ness ("I am a one-armed duck fucker").

It's not exactly Rejected. And I promise I won't subject anybody to it that isn't a fan of David Lynch and fart jokes.

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