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Cainer (
The same things keep on happening. Day after day, week after week, we act out the same roles, go through the same processes and visit the same old places. All this causes us to feel as if we know what life is about. Then, suddenly, something changes. A new factor enters the equation and requires us to reconsider almost every aspect of our existence. Then we realise that nothing has to be the way it used to be. That's what you are discovering now. Don't be afraid, be excited! Ask the universe for what you want this week... and you could actually get it.

Brezsny (
Lately I have this recurring vision of you crawling up out of a deep hole. I've even had two dreams with that theme. Each time, you seem to defy gravity as you climb by clawing at the sides of the hole and pulling yourself higher and higher until you finally emerge into daylight. Why am I having these fantasies? Are they a metaphor for your life right now? I shudder to think that you've been in an abyss as profound as the one I've been seeing, though I'm ecstatic about the prospect that you're about to escape.
Astro (
This can be a very pleasant time, although it is not very good for getting things done. You are more likely to spend time in fantasy and daydreams than in working in the everyday world. But if you are involved in any creative activity that has to develop completely inside your mind before taking physical form, this is an extremely useful influence. At its highest, it enables you to deal with people with great compassion and tenderness. In your close relationships you act for the benefit of all concerned, not only to satisfy your own needs and desires. A relationship that begins during this time has the double potential of being very spiritual or insubstantial and illusory. Time will show you whether it is a real spiritual relationship between "soul-mates" or just a delusion to that effect.

Wow, lots of imagery. Crawling out of the abyss, delusional relationships... looks like Mr. Toad may be in for a wild ride, or at least a healthy lickin'.

And hey, if I'm gonna have a delusional relationship, can I at least get my emotionally stable stripper? Hell, I'd settle for a bisexual former olympic-gymnast hopeful with exhibitionistic tendencies who likes to occasionally kick my ass at HALO and watch Weasels Eat my Flesh.

That's not asking too much, is it?

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