Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

You now face a complication. There's an awkward factor of some kind and you can't just ignore it. You can, though, work your way around it. As you begin to do so this weekend, you will gain a great sense of satisfaction. Now, I know what you're thinking. You are thinking, 'He's just trying to cheer me up.' Well, I am, of course, but I am also telling you the truth. Saturn's antagonistic link to your ruler implies a challenge that's not a hopeless barrier to progress. You just have to be smart and flexible.

It's perfectly fine for you to have dreamy eyes in the coming days--wistful, hopeful, liquid eyes that are more focused on the fantasies within than on the sights without. Muse to your heart's content, Taurus. Wander over to paradise in your imagination. Entertain utopian visions. As much as is practical, give yourself permission to visit LaLa land, where you can explore infinite possibilities, imaginary adventures, and "forbidden" topics that up until now you haven't dared to play with.

This morning you are in touch with your feelings to an unusual extent and are more able to express them to others. You probably lack the psychological tension that usually drives people to talk about their feelings, but you can listen most sympathetically to other people's problems now. The insight into your own feelings and the psychological equilibrium that you have now may enable you to offer effective help to others. This influence also signifies a state of balance between your feelings and your rational intellect. That is, you are able to think with great emotional sensitivity but still remain logical in your thought processes. Communications with women will be easy and quite favorable at this time, regardless of your own sex. And encounters with women may be quite informative in a positive way.

I dunno-- looks like an uncomfortable time in the near-ish future, in which the best way to escape is to explore fantasies.

The "encounters with women may be quite informative" line sounds ominous. The kinds of encounters that I'd like to fantasize about with women aren't really adequately described as informative. Informative bodes darkly, things like "you have cancer" or "you're being audited" or "have you ever had do deal with syphillis before?".

Though maybe it could mean that I'll be getting kissing lessons...
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