Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Laundry started a few minutes ago, microwaving some leftovers from dinner last night. Went to Silent Hill last night with being_isis, who was indeed smokin' hot. Dinner beforehand at Applebees in Block E was nice. I discovered that the crispy orange chicken bowl when mixed with the buffalo wing sauce is quite tasty. Thus the reheating.

Second time through, Silent Hill has some things that become clearer, some things I missed the first time through. And seeing it at the Clown Block E was a much more satisfying experience than Southdale: it's just a better theater.

The movie is ambiguous, and I think it's supposed to be. That won't fly well among most moviegoers, who tend to like linear plots and loose ends being tied up. It's also very Japanese-horror (considering it's based on a series of survival-horror games by Konami, Duh), which is still a niche market.

Trying not to throw down spoilers here.

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