Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Aw, dammit.

Well, I managed to get everything done on this part of the project today. The one remaining weird crash-bug that came up was rather easily solved by Todd the project manager. A bit of obscure lore which I didn't know. He fixed it, and now everything appears to be working. Of course, it's still not real data, and the data conversions arent done, but for garbage data, it looks good.
Downside is that I'm now done early. And it takes me two extra hours to pay for the hotel and stuff.
I suppose I can deedle around and clean up text strings and formatting stuff, but that's real drudge work that usually comes in after it's been through integration phase I.
I could go in and start documenting steps in the addition of a vehicle to the system, because I know I'll be doing more, but that's a pretty major task to start on at what is normally the end of the day.
I could go back to the hotel and read, but I wasn't able to pick up a book last night. I suppose I could go to Target and get something.

This would be a perfect time for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Damn.

Since I'm relatively new to the whole PC gaming thing, I have some questions.

I've taken to the first-person 3D stuff like mad. So far, I have tried:

half-life: excellent, but just too damn long.
Deus Ex: Excellent-amundo. Long, but in smaller pieces, and the SDK is way cool.
Max Payne: Eh. Started playing a couple of times, not really my bag.
No One Lives Forever: Started it, haven't got very far. Not holding my interest.
Blair Witch 2/Rustin Parr: Never made it out of the first room. Tough controls.
Thief/Thief II: My system won't run it. Anyone want to buy it for 20 bucks?
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Still kicks ass, I'm about halfway through.

I have but have not yet installed:
Unreal Tournament

So considering my taste in games, anybody have any suggestions on what I should get next? I know DX2 is coming real soon.

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