Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Big Broken Box™:
Porch is still not done. I have to pay for a new building permit, but I figured that would happen anyway. I have managed to uncover the corner lot marker peg, so I now have the measurements to place a garage. I need to do more detail and do a true site plan, but actually having that one peg located makes it all do-able and saves a buttload on a site survey.
Cleaning is poor, happening slowly.

Work just dumped the "extra" cubicles and countertop parts, so I picked up some dandy worksurfaces for the basement. Unfortunately I missed out on the big pieces that I wanted, so I'll make do with some smaller ones. Still, inch-and-a-half thick MDF with a surfaced top cut and milled does not make me cry. I will be able to have an actual workspace in the basement. I'm considering grabbing a bunch of the cube panels and putting those up on the wall instead of paying for wood and sheetrock.

Ha ha ha ha HA HA HA ha ha ha.
Walking the dog. Haven't been riding the bike. Weight is still higher than where I want it to be. Need to exercise more, but I don't. Lots of cutting and drilling in the medical sense. Energy utilization is poor and makes things difficult, pain doesn't help.

No. Confused. Cluttered.

Still no winning lottery ticket. Behind in bills, owe money in taxes. Need money to work on the house. Not gonna be out of the hole soon.

Everybody is pretty good. Stable. Getting old, but that happens.

I need to get back working on the movie. It's been on hold while I've been working on the porch, but the porch has extended itself now and I can't hold off anymore. I need to get it done.


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