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Got the stitches out today, and got fitted for my orthopedic earpatch. It's essentially a clamp designed to press the flesh together so that the scar tissue won't grow back, and it will heal "flat". Six weeks to wear this thing 24-7.

My boss complimented me on my "bling". It's pretty silly looking really, though not nearly as bad as the Elton-John inspired model that was the other choice.

Okay, getting the stitches out hurt. I wasn't expecting that, but they were really small and had to be cut out with some special scissors. But you know, putting a fucking clamp on a partially-healed wound hurts like a mofo. Especially because it's spring-loaded, and it snapped shut while I was trying to adjust it.

Yes, yes, laugh at my pain. May you someday understand the feeling of having your new adult piercing being affected by a large magnetic field from an MRI machine. Or having a mousetrap snap shut on your nipple. Which would sound like Snapple.
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