Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Cainer (this week guesting Eric Francis):

When in doubt, stick to what you know you need to do. You seem to be hearing a call to achieve great things and to expand your mission in life - and at the same time I would guess you feel trapped within your circumstances or ideas. If you're being held back by anything, it's a notion of yourself that puts security before passion. Accountability always seems to come before freedom. Commitment to partners almost always outweighs commitment to yourself. So, I suggest you stick to your most basic needs. Give them names, and don't wait for an excuse to take action.

Surreptitious acts
This may be a day of considerable confusion and uncertainty. On the other hand, you may gain new awareness of and sensitivity to others and their needs and how they relate to your own. Your encounters with others today may be demoralizing or confusing. Your ego energies are not very high, and you are not in a self- assertive mood for vigorous competition. If someone comes at you aggressively, your natural inclination today is to avoid the confrontation. You might withdraw, or pretend to agree with the person just to avoid a contest. You are afraid that asserting yourself might accomplish nothing, and this fear may tempt you to act surreptitiously rather than out in the open. Avoid doing that, however, because it will demoralize you further.

Oooh. Demoralized, that's a very good word. Very apt description.

Confrontation avoidance. Yeppers, I'm right in there on a few fronts, though not so much from anyone "coming at me" from outside (except for a "status meeting" at work which was just me and the manager, but was indeed a status meeting, just weird that it was one-on-one).

I just wonder at whether some of these things might be better off being avoided.

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