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Sex Nazi

I've been seriously considering giving up on sex, or more precisely the "search" for sex/affection/pleasures of the flesh that I think I've been on for the past year or so.

WIth few exceptions, the lurking for love/sex/companionship has been a righteous failure. Yes, there have been a couple of rather nice interludes (thank you), but I've also acted maybe a bit inappropriately at times.

What I consider inappropriate behavior may not be what you consider inappropriate behavior. For me, it's acting outside of behaviors that I consider ethical to myself, and may not be entirely unethical: for instance, feeding a girl booze because I know she's more likely to put out when she's been drinking. My ethical side tells me that I should not be doing that, as it's taking advantage of someone's weakness, but there is the side of me that says have another Margarita, mi senorita!

There are other examples, but they're pretty much in a similar vein. Pretty much compromising my sense of being a nice guy for some nookie, or in a nookie-related vein.

I dunno. Maybe I'm too nice. Maybe I should back off and be a little more dirty, be a little less concerned about being nice and more about getting some ass. Or maybe I should hold off on wanting sex, and just make a decision that I won't be sexual for the time being. Keep it as a carrot, set some goals, and when I reach that goal, then get some nookie.

Neither of those sounds particularly good.

I'm-a go home now.

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