Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Weekend Update

This weekend was full of Fringe Festival shows and the Uptown Art Fair.

What did I do?

I napped a lot.

Brief stop at home to collect the paycheck and the sweet tub o' pooches, then to the Wedge to deposit it. Traffic was fer shit, so it took me an hour, which was back home to collect Barb for dinner. We decided on Chi-Chis on Nicollet, which turned out to be a bad decision. Aside from the food being bad, the prices have gone way up. I did swing a wild bery Margarita, which kept the night from being a total squash, but it was still a goin'-home night.
We decided to go to the No-Pants show at the Bryant Lake Bowl (Yeah, I know, I'm getting to that), and Barb had to run out to Edina to pick up Val. We went to the BLB just in time for the 10:00 show, where we found that due to the Fringe, the No Pants show was 11:30 at the Loring. And we'd have to buy the Fringe buttons.
We went home, I was grumpy, so I went upstairs and played Wolfenstein until 1:30.

Barb went gaming early. I decided that I'd go get my hair cut, pick up the cat at the vet, go to Cheapo for some CDs, then work on the house. I loaded the dog in the car, and we went to the vet, which took a bloody long time. Got the cat who was yelling the whole way home, driving the dog nuts, and tried to go to Cheapo. I was stymied by the Uptown Art Fair, and just ended up going home.
Spent some time trying to calm the kitty down, which involved a lot of holding and petting, and that kind of turned into a nap.
From which I awoke at 7:30. That's like a six-hour nap. Which I suppose I needed, but to steal a phrase from eldogo, Holy Crap!.
Which led to more Wolfensteining. Til about 2:00. Then I read Harry Potter until around 5:30, when I finally got to sleep.

More sleep. More reading. Finished Harry Potter, finished laundry, went to the drugstore, picked up groceries for the week (ran into djnoise), headed over to Dreamhaven (where I ran into eldogo in between Fringe shows), then went home for yet another nap.
Woke up at 8:30, thinking it was morning and I had overslept my doctor's appointment, so I got up in a rush. Folded and sorted laundry, finished packing for this week, played a last bit of Wolfenstein, then off again to bed.

Doctor appointment at 7:45. Yet another doctor, because my first doc quit to go teach at the university, and my second doc is in the reserves and is on his duty rotation. So I had yet another change in medication, which bites, and I have to go back for another blood test in a month, and do other crap. Gah.
But he was nice, and arranged for medication samples for me, which saves me a good couple of hundred bucks this month.

So tonight I soak in the hot tub, and sleep.

Weird power outage took down the computer, and about twelve others around me. Lots of swearing, and some lost work. And some time for the servers to reboot.

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