Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Ich habe keine Lust mich nicht zu hassen
Hab' keine Lust mich anzufassen
Ich hätte Lust zu onanieren
Hab' keine Lust es zu probieren
Ich hätte Lust mich auszuziehen
Hab' keine Lust mich nackt zu sehen

Ich hätte Lust mit großen Tieren
Hab' keine Lust es zu riskieren
Hab' keine Lust vom Schnee zu gehen
Hab' keine Lust zu erfrieren

A year ago, I was looking into doing the Prison Release party. That never came to fruition, and has kind of become an out-of-scope idea anymore. I've been out of the Gulag for a year, and what prison I currently have is of my own making, so it's not really following the original intent. And to me, that indicates that I should more or less keep the idea on hold until such time as it becomes more along the lines of the original intent once again, which won't be soon.

Thing is, I have some more near-term goals that I want to celebrate once I hit them. There's the front porch, which I hope to have done this year yet, and there's a personal health/weight goal that I'm aiming to hit this year. It's most likely that if I manage to hit both of these goals, it will be late this year in the cold winter.

I want to do something to celebrate the milestones. It needs to be a pretty big something, I think. The original idea of the Prison Release party was one of more adult debauchery, like your friend just got out of prison and wants to celebrate, so lots of scantily-clad girls, hot tub, booze, and all that.

Maybe I should just go to Vegas.

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