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ADR recording today, the final session.

Robjn stopped by first, so I played through her cuts on the screen. avindair and g33k_goddess came next, MLRF called that she was running late, so we got started. It went pretty well, I think. We decided to cut the ADR for one of the flashback scenes, which meant that I would have to tell Natashalie that I wouldn't need her after all (except I don't have her phone number, durr...).

MLRF showed up with near-perfect timing and got her two lines in, leaving us with some time to be social. We decided on Applebee's since they had booze. None of us had any.

Went off the diet big-time today, I had steak and broccoli. Still healthier than I could have gone, but I was bloody hungry and it was celebration time. We ate, chatted. MLRF has lost weight-- I think she might be pushing too skinny, but she's in pretty damn fine shape. I got hugs which were lovely, and the reminder of helping her with sound effects for her show.

Came home and everybody vacated, a couple of hours before Nalashalie would show up to record her ADR. I hit the bike and threw in Aeon Flux (the animated series) to watch while I made my ass sore. Finished after a little over a half-hour when Natashalie stopped by. Happily, she was good at not being needed since it meant she could fit a short visit in and still get food before she was on to her next social engagement.

Then I got to feelin' woozy, so I lay me down to nap.

And that was when the monsters came.

Then I made soup.

The End

Attention weekend TV announcer: When you say See Minnesota, please enunciate the break between words, otherwise it sounds like "semen assota".
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