Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Meme of Wired's choosing

20 years ago, I
1. Moved to Bemidji from Colorado to help out my folks.
2. Smoked a lot of homegrown weed.
3. Was unable to argue with my parents for any reason (thus #2)
4. Broke my father's ribcage and forced a rib end into his heart during CPR.
5. Had my first recurring nightmare.

10 years ago, I
1. Bought a house.
2. Earned 3 patents.
3. Made a company 13 million dollars.
4. Got a coffee cup with a gold star from said company.
5. Got laid off from said company. Became bitter and cynical.

7 years ago, I
1. Was working at a job I liked.
2. Had a working studio.
3. Was contemplating going into the video production business.
4. Narrowly missed selling a product that I had invented to a startup company.
5. Remastered a CD.

5 years ago, I
1. Was working as many contract jobs as I could.
2. Had a business partnership producing videos.
3. Had a working video production studio.
4. Was learning non-linear editing.
5. Blew up the boiler in our house.

3 years ago, I
1. Got a dog.
2. Was strangely sick.
3. Went to my high-school reunion.
4. Owed the IRS huge back taxes.
5. Started my first long bout of unemployment.

2 years ago, I
1. Was unemployed a lot.
2. Got hired and laid off in six weeks.
3. Became bitter and cynical.
4. Got a really bad infection.
5. Was really depressed.

1 year ago, I
1. Was unemployed a lot.
2. Went further into debt.
3. Was diagnosed with diabetes.
4. Contemplated suicide.
5. Started on antidepressants.

Yesterday, I
1. Wrote and debugged code.
2. Sat in a hot tub.
3. Read some of "Cryptonomicon".
4. Ate dinner.
5. Slept.

Today, I
1. Wrote and debugged code.
2. Will sit in a hot tub.
3. Will read some of "Cryptonomicon".
4. Will eat dinner.
5. Will sleep.

Tomorrow, I
1. Will write and debug code.
2. Will sit in a hot tub.
3. Will read some of "Cryptonomicon".
4. Will eat dinner.
5. Will sleep.

Hmmm. There's a stuck-in-a-rut thing happening here.

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