Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Um... feelin' a mite wonky.

Watching a Dateline special where they hired Perverted Justice, an internet-based organization that traps online child predators.

On one hand, I really despise the Perverted Justice website. While I don't condone sexual predation of any kind, I rather hate entrapment, and I get truly frosty at the smug-fucker style that the site throws down. Of the 24 guys arrested, 11 remained in custody.

On the other hand, I am slightly mezmerized by watching guy after guy spill his guts, and then getting busted. Except the one guy who just got up and walked out. It's the ones that confess that get busted, d00dz.

(A mental heath counselor for teens. Cripes.)

But watching the ones that do talk, some of them lying through their teeth, these aren't the slimy, greasy, aqualung-looking mouth-breathers that I think of when I think sexual predator, they're pretty normal-looking guys. All of 'em look self-esteem challenged. Meek. Skinny as a rail to a lot pudgy. They look a lot like geeks.

Some of them are married. Some have kids.


I wonder whether some twist of fate, a decision made, some event in my past being done differently would have turned me into one of these same guys. I can't fathom what the hell would push me there, but it's not that far away that I can't imagine it happening.

Then again, I can imagine myself killing someone, too.

Rather than do it, I write about it.

Which makes me wonder if a movie would work. Something done from the predator's point of view.
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