Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Invasion Force

Last night, I brought Cryptonomicon into the poll area to try and read while in the hot tub.

The pool had been invaded by small humanoid creatures. Many of them-- more than I had seen at one sitting.

I was able to observe the small humanoids, and through those observations, I was able to discern two main groups of them. The first group consisted mainly of the smaller subhumans, whose main common characteristic was a high-pitched squeal, or shreik. I call this group the shriekers. Though the main purpose of the shrieking was not discernible to me, it seemed to be an attention getting device, or a contest to see who could shriek the loudest. It may be a defense mechanism designed to drive off predators, because the shrieks were at times of a volume that could easily split eardrums, particularly in the reverberant atmosphere of the pool facility.

The second group consisted mainly of slightly larger males, though there were a few females in the contingent as well. This group I will call the splashers, as their main activity consisted of splashing large amounts of water, in what appeared to be some sort of contest, the goals of which I could not discern, but seemed to have something to do with alternately the volume of water spashed, the distance that the water could splash, and the accuracy with which the splashes could target individual menbers of the tribe. There were also the occasional splashers attacking the shriekers, with the expected shrieking to follow.

Eventually the humanoid creatures were led away from the watering hole by what looked like adult members of the herd, and with the exception of one remaining humanoid splasher, I was alone.

I didn't get much reading done.

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