Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

El meme de eldogo

Describe the first time you got drunk: Germany as an exchange student. Sat up with one of the host's dads drinking Irle Edel Pils, and got royally hosed.

Where's the strangest place you've slept?: Possibly the bathroom floor of a frat house, though I don't suppose that's either strange or sleeping. Other than that, probably in a tree.

What's the most tourist-y thing you've ever done or purchased?: Went to Iowa, and jumped back and forth between Iowa and Minnesota saying "I'm in Iowa, I'm in Minnesota, I'm in Iowa...".

What's the most tacky souvenir you've ever seen for sale?: A replica of the corn palace made of corn.

The "Brewster Millions" Question: How exactly would you go about wastefully spending one million dollars in 30 days or less?: Make a movie.

Ever been on a game show?: Nope.

And what IS your favorite game show?: I don't really have one. Game shows as a genre are not my cup of hullabaloo.

Feelin' lucky today, punk?: Most defintely not, thank you.

If you were an ice-cream flavor, which one would you be?: I'd be chocolate. Really good chocolate. 'Cuz girls like really good chocolate...

What's your favorite fashion accessory or item of clothing?: Comfy shorts. I'm not really into accessorizing.

Would you like to swing on a star?: No, it would be way too hot. Unless it would be a movie star. Like Naomi Watts. Then it's not "swinging" that I'd like to do on her.

Been abducted by aliens yet?: Possibly. I have the triangular-shaped scar.

It's "Dress as a B-Movie Character" Day... what's YOUR costume?: The evil dead from the Evil Dead.

Can you sing the national anthem of a country that's NOT your own?: A part of O Canada.

If you were on "The Love Boat", which of the cast members would your storyline involve?: A beautiful movie star who is disillusioned with all the fakeness of Hollywood, and who runs into a genuine nice guy.

Who's the strangest person you've ever met?: I once met a schizophrenic indian who had an invisible friend while buying illicit drugs from a nazi cop.

Who'll stop the rain?: The person who carries an umbrella.

Where would you most like to visit?: Probably Australia. New Zealand is right up there, as is Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest. SanFran would be cool. And I'd like to do a stint in a research station in the Antarctic.

You've been voted "King of the World" by a landslide. After the vote-rigging allegations die down, what's your first royal edict?: Have her washed and bound, then bring her to me. (Points if you know which movie that's from.)

Do you collect anything?: Moss.

Porn: Like it? Loathe it? Couldn't give a toss? (Metaphorically speaking of course):
Um... Like some, laugh at most. Could make better, but don't.

What names would you give your future children? (Feel free to ignore this if you have ACTUAL kids and would prefer them to remain anonymous.): Something really horrid, like "Grendel" or "Keefer". Let the little bastards suffer.

It's Karaoke Night! What song do you sing?: Aimee (Pure Prairie League), something by the Eagles, or REM.

Use your Nickname as a new word, and give an example: Mrfl? Magicmarmot: to be obsessed with sex without actually getting any. "Dude, watch Terry. He's been so magicmarmot lately, he's likely to explode when he sees the waitress."

Who's your favorite mythological being?: Dionysus. Or perhaps the Demon from Legend, as played by Tim Curry.

Favorite REM song?: Orange Crush.

What the hell is THAT?: Hey kid, get your lips off of that thing!

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