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Chocolate doesn't suck.

Had to run to the corner store to pick up some ice. Figured I'd get a treat and pick up something chocolate-cake oriented.

They were out. Convenience store my ass.

I broke down and picked up a box of brownie mix, and I actually baked brownies. Yes, I, Rob, actually baked something in the oven. And Yes barda, I know it doesn't count because I didn't do it from scratch, but at least I had brownies.

Stifles the craving.

I should be sleeping. I'm heading toward being tired, but I'm not quite there yet. I don't understand what happened with this day, but I'm getting a guilt-free sleep tonight.

I even took the dog for a short walk tonight. Her feet got cold, so we cut it short (well, I got cold too, so it wasn't that hard to convince me). And I did a tiny bit of cleaning in the studio. It might be the industrial-strength ozone generator that I had running all night.

This coming week is mostly for planning and prepping for the shoot this coming weekend. And a little job hunting. And hunting for large sums of cash.


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