Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I think one could take my state as under the weather today.

I feel like I'm operating at about 60% today. I can tell that my body isn't utilizing the energy that it should be today, so I'm on one of the low cycles of the diabetes. Tired and listless, puffy and swollen.

Tonight I meet with HRB to sign disclosure papers, one more step in the process of refinancing. Meeting at Crema rather than the Big Broken Box™ because it's nicer and has better food & beverages. I wish my energy was better.

Meeting tonight won't be until after I ride the bike, so maybe I will be more up after that.

Then there's finishing the movie bits. I need to balance the color again in the big scene and re-run it through the digital effects bin, but essentially that one is done in about an hour. Then one remaining scene for color correction and effects; I don't think there's any more dialogue replacement in that one. Probably not going to kill it off tonight, but tomorrow night is a good bet. There are a few things to clean up yet, some things that I know I forgot or skipped at the time, so I need to review all of the scenes before wrapping them up for delivery.

I'm gonna have to hand them off as 60i files, have Fearless Leader do the final assembly with credits and music and final SFX, then get back the rendered file for one final film-look pass. I was hoping to be able to go with blended-fields 30p files, but there's no time to experiment.

I think that also means that I need to author the DVD. Fearless Leader's software doesn't seem to like my 3:2 pulldown filmlook files, but I know I can burn 'em to a DVD and they work fine. What I don't like is that the 3:2 pulldown step really softens the images, and I don't want them any softer.

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