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Ugh, I feel sick.

I'm pretty sure it's from the meds. A bit of a carryover from yesterday, I think; massive headache with the nausea that never really went away. Today not so much the headache, but big-time nausea, and a bit of some other intestinal discomfort which I shall not detail here.

Last night I slept. When I hit the bed, I was out in what had to be record time, and I slept through my alarm this morning. Strong indication that I'm sorely in need of some sleep.

Plans for last night fell through because of lio's misfortune (he does seem to be prone to things, doesn't he?), so I used the time to kill off some more movie bits. I'm hoping to get more done tonight, but Battleship Nellie (AKA Mom) is stopping by tonight late to stay overnight. Barb is away for the weekend, so Mom can have Barb's current room which is air conditioned and quiet, but is directly across from the studio. It means I'll lose a bit of time working on the movie, but it's only a couple of hours downtime.

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