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I have a quandry.

The movie is nearing completion. On one hand, I have all of the source files in my posession, and there are a lot of little digital effects that I'm adding; mostly things like muzzle flashes from gunfire, digital blood effects, bullet holes, and the like. Other things that I've added are sound effects for fights and things like that.

Tony has already done a version which has some muzzle flash effects in place. They're more quick-and-dirty than the ones that I put in, but they go by so quickly that I think they might be okay to use as-is. There are some that I've done that are more critical to the story elements and are pretty much hand-crafted to maximize the dramatic moment, and I suspect strongly that they won't match what Tony's done.

I have the option to replace them with ones that I create, but this last scene has a whopping lot of them, and some of them require masking because the muzzle flash is actually behind something else.

The other part is the sound effects. The fight involves a lot of hitting, stabbing, shooting, falling, and the like, and it's chock-full of sounds that have to be added and balanced. Tony has a cut done with effects added, but he doesn't have the range of sounds that I have, nor really the equipment to hear and balance everything as well as I can.

I can do it, but it will take some extra time; and it's time that I really don't have. I'm already pushing two weeks behind on delivery. On the other hand, this is really my last chance to make everything as perfect as I can make it.

My name is on this puppy. I suspect that if I don't do what I can to make it perfect now, it will haunt me forever. But I also have to get it delivered so it can be assembled and put into final form that we can have for CONvergence.

How much do I trade off?
Tags: filmmaking, prey
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