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Monday: Start off the day feelin' wonky.

This is getting to be a regular thing. I don't know if it's tied to medication, exercise, losing weight, or what, but it's a dizzy feeling mixed with these tiny "adrenaline" flashes. I've been cutting way back on the dose of antidepressants, so that's a possibility, but I'm also feeling a little cloudy when it comes to concentrating.

Food is kind of ick. Nothing is appealing. I think I'd eat some fresh fruit if I had it; I need to go food shopping tonight. Probably has some meaning that I need more multivitamin.

Making a conscious decision to change my eating habits is something that I consider a lifestyle choise more than a diet. To me, a diet is something that you do for a couple of weeks if you want to lose a few pounds before swimsuit season. It's transitory. The kind of eating habits that I'm talking about have to do with making healthy (albeit expensive) choices when grocery shopping, and not giving in to cravings.

Okay, first of all I have to say that my ability to do this is helped tremendously by the combination of the Gila Monster Spit and exercise. One side effect of both in combination is a pretty severe loss of appetite. It's also changed my sense of craving: where there was a time not horribly long ago when the thought of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese would make me start salivating enough to make Pavlov dance with joy, now it just makes me feel vaguely ill. Anything greasy is right out, and most processed foods are just unappealing. The things that I crave now are more like fresh fruits (I really want watermelon right now for some unfathomable reason) and vegetables (except for corn), particularly peppers, cucumbers, and lettuce. I eat heads of lettuce as snacks. Frozen peas, man I love frozen peas right now.

I don't know how much of that craving is my own mental reprogramming and how much is the medication. Not gonna bitch about it since it is good for me, but it's different now than it's ever been. Fer instance, when I was in the Gulag, I'd pick up a pot roast and cook it in the crock pot. Now the idea of a pot roast is something that's way too heavy. Grilled chicken breast or salmon is about the top speed that I can handle for meaty goodness (though a shout out to No Name steaks as being really really good on the grill), and maybe a four-ounce piece of meat tops.

This coming from someone who would not all that long ago think nothing of polishing off a 16-oz prime rib.

But is it healthy?

Well, I have to think that in general, a chicken breast and a cup of frozen peas with some balsamic vinegar is a healthier choice than a hunk of beef. But in the longer term, am I getting the proper nutrition?

See, that's the scary part. I'm talking something that needs to be a permanent change here. If I maintain my current target rate of weight loss, I need to do it constantly for four years before I reach my final goal. And that's assuming that my body doesn't adjust itself to exercise and eating, so it's likely that I will have to periodically increase what I'm doing to maintain a constant rate.

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