Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

There is a virus/worm running through Yahoo Groups. Therefore we have
put the group on full moderation as a temporary measure. Please be
patient as we work together to get only the appropriate posts to the

Basically, if you get it and open the attachment, it runs through your
address book and replicates itself via email to every address in it.
It may do it repeatedly.

Any email you get with the subject "New Graphic site" that has an
attachment contains infected files. Do not open them, delete the
email. Unfortunately the attachments contain images not suitable for
children. Do not blame the person from whom the email came as they
are a victim of this virus.

Our membership does not allow attachemnts to emails so we are safe
from damage via this group but anyone who is a member of other Yahoo
groups will probably receive this email many times. Even if you have
not received it I recommend running a full virus scan of your computer
every day for the next few days, making sure your virus definitions
are up to date.

For help removing, the virus (if you have it) to
and do an online virus check of your computer. The link to the online
virus scanner is on the left and says Scan Now. It should find and
remove the virus witout a problem.

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