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Back to the grind

Well, I had a long weekend.

Saturday was pretty much taken up with a meeting for Horror Inc., planning out one of the episodes. The show is really expanding this year, and it has been renewed for two seasons, not just the one. Which puts the movie on hold, but that's a reasonable compromise.

Sunday was designated as sleep day. Unfortunately, the pets didn't seem to recognize that designation, and I was treated to a lot of pouncing. I ended up taking Sunday to finish up the last gutter, and Barb and I went to dinner at It's Greek To Me, which was fabulous. Surprisingly, I took home over half of the meal, which was a portent of the evil to come.

Monday was catch-up-on-lost-sleep day, where I also picked up my latest prescription. Lots of Wolfenstein, and finished Cryptonomicon. It was a planned day off. What was unplanned was the getting sick. Which meant that Tuesday was a wash as well, and I spent a good half of the day in bed. I did feel better in the early afternoon, and I managed to do a tiny bit of painting before lapsing into a nap again.

I do feel a little bit recharged, but I could really use another week to just sleep.

Sports Illustrated story on Ted Williams. If you need a refresher, he was frozen after he died. The details are a little funky:

The (decapitation) operation was completed and Williams' head and body were preserved separately. The head is stored in a steel can filled with liquid nitrogen. It has been shaved, drilled with holes and accidentally cracked 10 times, the magazine said. Williams' body stands upright in a 9-foot tall cylindrical steel tank, also filled with liquid nitrogen.

Drilled with holes and cracked ten times? What the hell are they doing, playing football with Ted Williams' Head?

Still trying to get my bearings today. I have a lot of thoughts running around, and I'll try to catch a thread and do some more writing later.


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