Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Feeling better today, I think. Much more awake and aware this morning at any rate.

Something I forgot to do this morning was start a DVD burn of the files for Fearless Leader. I'll have to do it tonight, which is really no biggie since it's really only a few minutes with the burn baby burn DVD burner. It loafs at 8x, but that's as fast as the media that I have allows. Still, that's like a ten-minute burn tops. The drive up there takes a half hour.

This will hopefully mark the end of the footage replacements. Now I need to work on a couple of things: music for MLRF's fringe show, and the interstitials and layout for the DVD.

The DVD is going to be a somewhat limited version. There will be a couple of commentary tracks besides the feature, and that's pretty much it for extras. We do have some extra content that may eventually make it to a second disc "collectors edition", but it's more an issue of managing the capacity of a single DVD-R. The movie by itself encoded at a 9.8Mb/s bitrate won't fit on a 4.7G disc, so I already have to back off; while I could burn a DL DVD, I run into compatibility issues with people who might want to play the movie on a PC DVD player, and I don't know how many PCs have DL DVD players. Besides, DL DVD-Rs are still expensive.

Interstitials are things like the images (or small movies) used in the motion menus and backgrounds, FBI warnings, copyright notices, title cards, stuff like that.

Now all I have to ask is why is there a monkey in my cube, and why does he have that weird looking probe thing in his hand?

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