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Okay, I think I've been abusing my body enough for a while.

Between the stress of all of the projects that I've been doing, the refinance (which involves yet more paperwork), the porch, and all of the other little items of everyday stress, I think my body is telling me to knock it off.

Except that I can't.

The exercise is something that I need to keep up. That is having a net positive effect. The refi is still going strong, and I have to pretty much keep going with it. The projects are coming close to fruition, and will be done in a couple of weeks. The house is-- well, it's the house. It's on hold right now because of all of the other stuff, and I can't really afford to buy any more materials for a while. I do have some lumber already purchased so I can actually do some more work, but right now I'm swamped.

I am taking some vacation time, basically I'll have July 1-10 off of work. Convergence fits in at the end there, so there are a few days pre-convention that I can take as "down" days-- though my guess is they will get filled. My hopeful option is to make them less full of critical stuff and more of fun & relaxing stuff.

Right now though, I could use some physical pampering. I really need a full-body massage from someone who can break through the tight muscles, and that's not a likely prospect-- hanging out in a hot tub/spa for several hours would probably do some good, but again with the resource issues (not having a hot tub puts a crimp in using a hot tub).

That doesn't even begin to touch on the whole nookie thing. Pretty much become just a distant memory, a wouldn't it-be-nice-if kind of thing, like driving a Maserati or winning the lottery.

Hard work is supposed to be rewarding, innit? This must be that whole delayed-gratification thing happening.

best be a shitload of gratification coming my way.

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