Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I've been steered toward looking at geodesic dome construction. There is reason for this, but for now it shall remain quiet other than looking at construction methods.

Most of the dome sites I looked at were attached in some way through Burning Man, and I realized that the thought of going to BM was making me feel a little ill-- or actually that I was already feeling a little ill, but that the thought of extremely high heat was feeding into dehydration and heat sickness feelings, which is really close to what I pretty much constantly feel these days.

That's not good, I suppose. The alternative is worse.

Projects that are currently ongoing:

1.) The front porch (currently stalled, need to resubmit new plans and get a new permit)
2.) The movie DVD authoring
3.) Music for a Fringe show
4.) Construction project for a thing which shall not yet be named (helping out)
5.) Refinance paperwork

Since 2-5 are all gotta-do-em-now projects with rather tight deadlines, it makes finding downtime difficult. Especially with my workout eating up an hour when I get home so I'm pretty much locked out of starting anything until 7:00, and that's assuming that I don't have to stop by the drugstore or get gas or groceries or any other errands that need to be run. And trying to get to bed by 10:00 is laughable these days; I'm trying to make it before midnight.

So right about now I should meet the woman of my dreams and fall in love. Because it would be difficult and totally absurd timing.

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