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I just got a promotional DVD from Panasonic on the HVX-200, which is my One True Love. It was designed from the ground up to put Panasonic squarely in the pilot's seat in the airline of low-cost HD production, and it is very yummy indeed.

Well, along with the DVD comes some actual footage in 720p high-def, along with a player. Of course it's brilliantly lit and very focused footage, but OMFG!!11!1!!!

I have yet to play with the footage in Combustion. After CONvergence and when I get some time.

There's also greenscreen footage shot with the camera. It's beautiful stuff. Before and after of a bank commercial, brought a tear to my eye.

I've been searching around on forums (fora?) to see what peoplel who are actually using the camera are saying. So far, pretty overwhelmingly positive. The primary negative is the capacity of the P2 cards; with two models (4G and 8G), the total shooting time on the camera is limited to many minutes at a time. Typical for 720p24 is 22 minutes on an 8G P2 card.

Well, what's happening is that a lot of the guys who were used to shooting on film with ten minute loads or less are finding a certain focus that has come back into the production that went missing with "cheap" videotape. I think that's kinda cool.

There are also a couple of third-party vendors making hard drive piggyback units with up to 240G capacity (so far). They add some bulk and up the power consumption, but being able to have hours of space available for shooting is kind of nice when you might need it.

And once it's shot, it's a file. No more video capture sessions. And capture at 24p is actually 24 frames, not pulldown-rigged 60i. 4:2:2 colorspace

And variable frame rates.

Yes, you too can now undercrank and overcrank, just like the big boys do. And it's gone away from the NTSC color space and into actual digital data, so no more yellow-red burn, hello blue detail.

Those are kind of important features when you're shooting visual effects shots.

Something I need to do is to burn a DVD of the footage and see how well it translates.

But not right now.

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