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The PITA refinance snafu has unknown consequences at this time, ranging from a delay to an outright refusal. A delay would be simply annoying; a refusal would be dire, and there is no Plan B.

Well, that's not entirely true. There is a Plan B, but it involves some things that are a tad drastic, and I'd rather not go there if I don't have to. It's more of a Plan C.

On a good note, my hotel room is confirmed for CONvergence. And after work on Friday, I have ten consecutive days off work. Downside is that those days won't be exactly restful, as they are filled with stuff that I've been putting off for too long and projects that need to get done (not the least of which is the facade project which is packing some long-ass days into the last week before the convention). I will be taking a minimum of one of those days entirely to myself guilt-free, thank you.

I am stressed. I can feel my entire body clenching like a fist. I know that can't be good. Then again, I'll be able to get to the hotel early on Friday and spend a good chunk of the day in the hot tub before the convention really kicks off.
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