Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Oy, gepuppy.

The veritable smackdown had to come. I was up until quite late (or early as the case may be) finalizing the DVD. This morning I woke up early with a really shitty hangover.

Except I hadn't been drinking.

I'm thinking sinus infection, or possibly some bizarre long-lasting allergy. I ended up taking some NyQuil and ibuprofen which but me back under, until a little after 11:00, which is when I was supposed to meet lio at Menards with the trailer. Oops.

I called him, hopped in the shower, got dressed, had Barb move her car, got the trailer out and on the road about an hour behind schedule. A little bit of weirdness at the Nards finding a particular item and having other items start levitating, and back on the road to Perdition to drop off the stuff.

Back home, got a food thing, which now seems to have triggered the sleepy part of the NyQuil. Unfortunately it's not a good nap day, as I still have a DVD to deliver later this afternoon. I need to go upstairs and see if it has actually burned, or if there was a problem.

Wish me luck.

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