Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Sasha called and we talked about music for a bit, and then I hooked up the garden hose and played Get The Water Thing with a very happy dog. And I am indeed on for dinner tonight.

Thinking about the next movie project, or projects, plural. Yesterday, Tony mentioned his thoughts were on TCTTM, which is a pretty indie-flavored non-horror comedy. That actually frightens me a bit, because it's out of my element. Horror films and sci-fi, noir suspense thrillers all can get very dramatic and stylized with the lighting, which is happy happy joy joy territory for me. But a light indie comedy needs subtlety and high-key lighting, and that poses some composition difficulties with a deep focus camera.

My own projects are becoming more imminent. I've got a couple of things floating around that I'm considering to do as a short film, but one idea is pushing to the forefront. It's still very malleable, and I'm not sure what its final form will be.

Off to dinner. Wish me luck.

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