Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

1. First of all, where in Minnesota do you live?
Minneapolis. Southwest.

2. What's your favorite lake in MN?
I don't have one favorite.

3. Have you ever been ice fishing?
Yes. Caught some, too.

4. Have you ever eaten fish that you caught?
Yes, but not for a long time.

5. Do you go four-wheeling?
Not recently.

6. Do you go snowmobiling?
Not recently, but yes.

7. Did you go trick-or-treating in that snow storm of 1991?

8. Do you go camping?
Not recently.

9. Do you ever use the word "spendy"?
Only when I'm trying to be funny.

10. Does your vehicle have rust on it or salt damage?

11. Have your locks ever frozen shut?

12. Have you ever built a snow fort taller than you?
Oh hell yeah.

13. Where did you go sledding as a child?
On the hill.

14. Have you ever ice skated outdoors?
Well, yeah.

15. Did you ever get your tongue stuck to something outside in the winter?
I think I must have at some point.

16. Did you ever pour water over something on purpose in the winter to make it slippery?
Yes. Sliding hills.

17. Did you ever have snow slushies?

18. Have you ever accidentally gone to school on a day where school was canceled due to weather?
Are you kidding?

19. Did you ever throw a snowball in someone's face?
Not that I can remember.

20. Do you prefer St. Cloud area or Twin Cities area?
Well, I live in the 'Cities, but both are nice.

21. Do you like city or country?

22. Have you ever had more than one tick on you at a time?

23. Have you ever burned garbage in a bon fire?

24. Have you ever gone to a Twins game?

25. Have you ever gone to a Vikings game?

26. Have you ever gone to a Timberwolves game?

26.5 Have you ever gone to a HOCKEY GAME????
Yes, in high school.

27. Did you ever forget to wear pants under your snow pants?
Can't say as I have.

28. Did you eat icicles?

30. Do you own a dog that has gotten sprayed by a skunk?
Well yes. I was sprayed by a skunk once too.

31. Do you drink Boone's Farm?
Not for a long time.

32. Do you drink beer?
Only on days that end with a Y.

33. Do you have at least one friend who has a beard?
Heh. Yes.

34. Do you say "so" before you start a sentence most the time?
Not most of the time.

35. Do you carry an ice scraper in your car all year?

36. Do you have to add sand bags to the bed of your truck?

37. Have you ever gotten a leech stuck to you?
Oh god yes.

38. Have you ever caught a snapper?

39. Do you own your own fishing pole?

40. Whats your favorite restaurant?
Hrm... no one favorite restaurant either.

41. What's your favorite club?
The one with the spikes nailed through it.

42. What's your favorite park?
No one favorite park.

43. Which place in Minnesota has the best scenery/view?
Hmm... the north shore?

44. Where's your favorite place to cruise?

45. Which grocery store do you shop at?
Whatever is close.

46. Have you ever partied in a barn?

47. Do you like keg beer?
Depends on the beer.

48. Have you ever gone hunting?
Yes, long ago.

49. Do you have a tattoo of a butterfly?
Um, no.

50. Do you smoke cigarettes?

51. Does your heritage include Polish, German, or Scandinavian?

52. Are you Catholic?

53. Have you ever gone swimming in a River in Minnesota?
Yes, I think so.

54. What's your favorite thing about Minnesota?
Probably my friends.

55. Whats one thing you don't like about Minnesota?
Shoveling snow.

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