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More CON prattle

Something that I always have liked about the convention is the Saturday night party cruising and the exposure of much more sexy female flesh than I am usually privvy to. Very often the costumes can be revealing of much more than I'm exposed to under most circumstances, and because it is intentional, I feel free to look and admire and appreciate without being untoward. I'm sure that I'm not alone in my sentiment, as I think most mens heads will turn when there is an "accidental" flash of ass flesh or the occasional bit of milky breast that peeks its head out from the folds of cloth that would normally bind it away from the light. And sometimes the costumes are something that would be more at home in a BDSM flick or a sexy lingere catalog, or possibly a catalog for a thong-and-electrical-tape distributor-- again, no complaints here, I'm all for exhibitionism, and I'm a willing participant in my role as observer.

But I noticed something this year that I haven't caught in years past: this same costuming behavior in underage girls.

There were no less than three different girls this year that I noticed that were dressed beyond provocatively; one in particular wearing a see-through dress with a thong and electrical tape who was seriously flirting with guys in their 40's.

I found her lack of pants disturbing.

A rather attractive young woman friend thinks I'm a prude for being disturbed. Her take on it is that the age of consent is sixteen, so as long as she's at least that old, there is no problem, and that the girl is probably wanting a man who actually knows what to do with a woman. Said rather attractive young woman friend is also a wet dream waiting to happen, but I digress.

I'm split. I'm obviously tittilated (which is the point), and moreso because of the forbidden nature of the fruit in question, but I'm also concerned because I know that although I do have gobs of social skills and a decent amount of self-control, this is a convention where there are a fair number of men who have never touched a naked woman in their lives and who have the social skills of a wombat on quaaludes. Plus there is alcohol.

I'm all for alcohol and scantily-clad women. But alcohol and scantily-clad underage girls is a powerful dangerous combination in my head.

There was also a girl who was certainly not even sixteen-- I'd say probably fourteen-- in the hot tub at one point, wearing a skimpy bikini top that wasn't particularly willing to contain her breasts, and she was nipples-to-the-wind on enough occasions that I have to think it weren't no accident. I don't know-- they may have been new enough to her to still be unruly, or the bikini top may have been new and she not used to it, but she sure didn't seem embarrased or even particularly modest.

Part of me is prude, yes. In the intellectual sense, they are simply nipples, and nudity is pretty much okay in my book, even with kids. But there is a difference between being nude in a place where nudity is accepted (like a nude beach or a resort) and flashing bits of usually unseen flesh with the intent to tittilate.

And you know, I'd even be okay with that if it werent for the worry in the back of my head that all it would take would be one inebriated horny geekboy with no self-control, and there would be an incident. And before you say that there wouldn't be any such thing as a horny geekboy with no self-control, consider that that is how most geek babies are made.

I've seen some underage girls at previous conventions wearing (or not wearing) provocative clothing, but it's usually been something simple and quick, and I've pretty much written it off as chance weirdness, or teenage hormones, or... well sheer luck. But this year it seemed like all pretense of accidental was gone. There was purpose behind it, definite intent.

I don't have kids. I don't pretend to know what goes on in their heads, nor do I know how to parent. I know that teenagers are sexual beings, and I remember the power of puberty. And maybe I'm just too old for the newness that is the society of today, but I have to ask where the parents are in this whole process? Is there some obliviousness that creeps in when both parents have to work and their daughter resorts to flesh-baring and flirting to get attention?

Or am I out of touch? Am I too attached to matters of the flesh that this disturbs me?


Jul. 13th, 2006 04:57 am (UTC)
2) That some less perceptive guys will conflate flirting with inviting and commit statutory rape.

Just as parents should be teaching their kid boys how to be respectful of a woman, and treat a lady.

They should also be teaching their girls how to flirt.

There are definitely different styles to this. There are the girls you can flirt with that you know it's not going anywhere. You're both just exchanging word games, and some mental brain candy for later.

Then, there are the girls that imply that a flirtation 'may' lead to more. Which is where someone who may not be as socially adept as others can get confused.

Boys should be taught about lines, which ones not to cross and why.

Girls ought to get taught about lines, which ones to draw and why.

All relationships are based on give and take. Even those where there is no 'actual' relationship, but a view from across the room.

If you are providing the view, be prepared for instances of others wanting to do more than just look.

Flirting is a good thing for both sexes.
Learning how, is a more difficult proposition.


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