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This just in: Psychedelic mushrooms have life-changing effects!

Next in the news: repeatedly hitting yourself in the head with a hammer may cause headaches.

I spent a good portion of the Reagan administration experimenting with various pharmaceuticals (trust me, it was the best way to live through that era); among the many things that I tried was psilocybin. Gotta say I liked 'shrooms, though the "mystical" experience by that time was old hat enough that it was noted more for its differences from other hallucinogens than anything. I also was taught a hard-and-fast rule: never ever make decisions that will affect the rest of your life while you are under the influence of a powerful hallucinogen. At the level of LSD or psilocybin, you are capable of rewiring your thought processes, and done carelessly, you can really fuck up your life.

At the same time, I believe that in the hands of a trained counselor and supervised conditions, they can work miracles. There is a little-published scientific study that took place in the late 1960s where a researcher successfully used LSD to completely cure alcoholism in a single session. The military also did experiments with LSD and derivatives in an attempt to enhance the performance of soldiers, allowing them to stay awake for extremely long periods, speed reflexes and enhance strength-- unfortunately they kiboshed the program because they could never eliminate the hallucinatory effects, which made the actual purpose of soldiering kind of difficult to handle.

Maybe this is actually the forefront of legitimate research into the positive pharmaceutical properties of natural drugs.

And quite possibly, monkeys are flying out of my ass right now.

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