Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Ganked from jenx

Okay, this is called FIRST REACTION ...type what comes to your mind first whenever you hear these 35 words.. don't think and don't go back and change. .doesn't matter how random just type it!

1. Cigarettes: beer
2. Sex: positive
3. Relationships: suck
4. Your Last Ex: hurts
5. Power rangers: suck
6. Marijuana: floaty
7. Crack: plumber
8. Food: thunk
9. This President: bites my ass
10. War: huh (good god y'all)(what is it good for)(absolutely nothin')(say it again)
11. Cars: Gary Numan
12. Gas Prices: sphincter-tightening
13. Halloween: love
14. Bon Jovi: Bongiovi
15. Religion: is a means of securing a broad tax base (thanks saveau)
16. MySpace: big and strange
17. Worst Fear: dark bees
18. Marriage: holy sucked-into-the-bowels-of-hell
19. Fashion: princess
20. Brunettes: rock my world
21. redheads: rock my world
22: Work: men at
23: Pass the time: pass the gas
24. One night stands: will not hold up your motorcycle
25. cellphones: burn your brain
26: Pet Peeves: poltergeist
27: Pixie Stixx: explode
28: Vanilla Ice Cream: smooth and sexy
29: Porta Potties: smell like poo bad man
30: High school: girls in trouble
31: Pajamas: optional
32. Wood: got
33. Surfers: dude
34. Pictures: of nekkid girls
35. First True Love: facefirst

Here's the list:

1. Cigarettes:
2. Sex:
3. Relationships:
4. Your Last Ex:
5. Power rangers:
6. Marijuana:
7. Crack:
8. Food:
9. This President:
10. War:
11. Cars:
12. Gas Prices:
13. Halloween:
14. Bon Jovi:
15. Religion:
16. MySpace:
17. Worst Fear:
18. Marriage:
19. Fashion:
20. Brunettes:
21. redheads:
22: Work:
23: Pass the time:
24. One night stands:
25. cellphones:
26: Pet Peeves:
27: Pixie Stixx:
28: Vanilla Ice Cream:
29: Porta Potties:
30: High school:
31: Pajamas:
32. Wood:
33. Surfers:
34. Pictures:
35. First True Love:

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    Two words: Zombieland Rocks.

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    Link to the AICN article and LA Times here

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    Just got back from Coraline. Gaiman kicks righteous ass, but you already knew that. I'll say go see it. Onto the bike now. Wish me luck!

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