Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Wednesday, I think. Divisive, calculating, and cold.

Well, primarily cold because I'm inside the office building directly underneath an AC vent, and it's bloody hot outside.

I'm on kind of a dating/relationships/sex/fondling kick today, but in a kind of backhanded fashion. The big CONvergence weight loss has nearly rebounded, as a slow-acting anomaly would. It seems flaky, but since it's rebounding over days, I'm tagging it as not-a-mechanical-problem, but an actual weight anomaly.

In a way, I'm glad of it, as much as I hate to see weight come back on. It means that I'm actually back to a fairly predictable (and earned) weight loss, and I'm not feeling continually sick. I actually got up on the ladder yesterday to do some work on the house, as well as mowing the backyard jungle (I no longer have grass in the back yard, but a collection of various weed type plants, including a couple of large mint plants), and some of them were actually taller than me. Not so much anymore, but my lawnmower prolly needs a new blade by now.

Incidentally, the up-on-the-ladder bit was more to verify the height of the porch roof and whether I'd have to do some funky cutting to make sure it was actually lower than the floor upstairs. The good news is that I need no cutting: I have 20 inches to play with, and I need 18 overall. That's a sweet, sweet thing that means I have lots of leeway for floor covering should I decide to go there.

I have to spend some time working on music for Sasha's Fringe show. Tonight, an appraiser is coming to look at the house for the whole refinance thingy. That could be good or bad, considering that the house is pretty much one big construction zone, but since one of the primary reasons for the refi is home improvement, it would seem to make sense. I threw out a number of $250k as a guess, considering the value selling price of other homes in the neighborhood vs. the state of needed repairs, square footage, number of bedrooms & bathrooms, and so on. It's possible that the appraiser could drop below $200k, in which case I'll probably shut down the refi since it wouldn't bring me enough cash out to do anything constructive and I'd end up paying frosty chuck-nuts in interest.

Most pressing project that I really can't do myself is the roof. Technically I could do it myself, but there's no way in hell that I actually want to, since I'm not exactly built for roof crawling. I've actually started the process now of getting estimates (hey [Bad username: bohemianrhapsody], can I get your hubby's number again?), which is an interesting process. Lots of variables.

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