Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I think I'm at the crossroads.

In the crisis-narrowly-averted camp, Barb threw me some cash with which to help pay the IRS, so I will be square with them again. Unfortunately, some of that had to cover the overdrafts, so I'm still short by about $700, but I have until August 15th to pay it so I think I'm okay there. It puts me a month behind in house payments so I'll still have to try and pony up two mortgage payments in August, and I still don't know what other bills I'm gonna have to suck up-- I'm guessing the electric bill for this swampy hot spell are going to be tremendous.

I was hoping to hit equilibrium in September, but that's looking a little less likely. And I still don't have money to finish the porch or redo the roof.

So I've decided to sell some of my equipment.

I have a Tascam 4-track 10.5" open reel deck with NAB hubs, noise reduction unit, and mixer that's going as a package already. [SOLD]

Tascam DA-88 8-track digital recorder with SY-88 card.

Mamiya 645 medium-format camera kit with three lenses, 120 back and two 220 backs, Cokin filter set, flash and steel case.

Panasonic AJ-D200 DVCPRO professional video camera with lens, wide-angle and telephoto adapters, hard case, and Anton Bauer rechargeable batteries/charger, with power supply

Some other various computer equipment, such as a DEC Alpha 3000 workstation with SCSI tape backup, an HP D-size plotter, and more stuff.

I'll probably put some of the stuff on Ebay, along with a bunch of other crap that I have, but I figure I'll give first crack to folks I know.

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