Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I am Whitney Jon From ALEXANDRIA in LA ,am 5-7Ft with Brown eyes and Brown hairs,am 27yrs old and am fun to be with cos am caring,faithful,passionate,God Fearing,truthworthy,loving and trustful woman to be with as a life time partner and i have a very good unique sense of humur and if you feel that you match my search then you can could reply back to me through this medium( whitesnowchickers at Y a h o o Dot Com )cos i am not used in using this dating sites often for checking mails want to have a mail where you could be sent mails to part of here and replying as possible and hope to hear from you and have a nice day
Yours Sincere
Whitney Jon

Dearest Whitney Jon,

I am plasticized that english-speaking must travail highly interrogative insublime canvas. Perhaps the oven of your mind may cook the terms of construction like a waffle in a toaster, trading wharves of collateral like busy honeybees after a rainstorm.

My cattle are destined to elaborate on the shelter of redundancy, much as slang is past tense for sling. Carving a niche into the market of aviary flood replacements has been a difficult weasel to staple, and the moola that the family fortune has replaced is both dear and far away, collaborating with the euro to destain overseas markets.

To love is careful, bread has very little flavor without spice. Collapsing bedframes may increase laughter, or may squeeze the nosy neighbor into submission like a ripe plum depending on the mood and the mule turnstile.

Have you ever eaten the breast of the pigeon? In many parts of the colloquial west, it has been made out to be the meat of angels.

I look forward to smearing your body with honey and tying you to a hill of fire ants of passion.

Sporadically you,

Zamfir Kugelbahn
Master of the Pan Flute

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