Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Back on the antidepressants today, as well as some amino acid suppliments.

Feeling... well, let's just say less. Scattered, exhausted, tired. Resigned.

I'm cold. I wish I had a big fuzzy sweater to wrap up in. Or a big down comforter and an easy chair.

Probably means I want comfort.

I need to clean the house. Start small, I have to clean individual rooms in the house, in that go-through-everything-and-find-a-place-for-it-or-it's-gone manner. Barb is here, and she wants to help, but I need to go through stuff and sort what I want to keep/sell/toss. It requires my presence.

I need to finish the porch, or at least enough to be sheltered by winter. I can't pay someone else to do it. It requires my presence.

Which do I do first? They both are taking large chunks of time.
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