Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Spent a chunk of time last night working on music for Sasha's fringe show. Got a couple of things to her that she likes, so that feels better.

Then I sat down and started looking at studio equipment, trying to figure out what needs to go. And it was like going through a shredder.

The DA-88 can go. I haven't used it since the Soylent CD, and it's not likely that I'll be using it for anything again unless I specifically choose a project to use it. It's more the kind of thing that would be great for shipping a finished film 7.1 soundtrack, and it's just not in the cards anymore.

The DA-30 MkII DAT machine is a harder choice. It's a studio DAT, rack-mount, which means I can't take it out for location recording. And it's not a timecode DAT. But it is a good studio recorder, and I doubt that I could get a decent price for it. I do use it on occasion for recording sound effects.

The Korg M1 keyboard is a tougher call. I'm not a musician, and I don't really play the keyboard at all, so it would seem like a good candidate for sale. I also have a Roland R8 drum machine and a rack-mount Alesis QSR, which is a nice sound module. I hate to make it all go away, but I haven't really used it in several years now.

TOA rack mount stereo mixer. If the MIDI stuff goes, it goes as well.

Roland SPX 550 effects processor. Strapped across the aux 5/6 sends on my mixer. Fun unit, haven't used it for a while. Has a vocoder, pitch shifter, reverb, MIDI controlled.

Focusrite Platinumm Voicemaster mic preamp/channel strip, rack mount. Excellent mic preamp for vocals. I'm not recording vocalists anymore. Hey, avindair, this might be really good for you.

ART Tube MP rack mount stereo tube mic preamp, modified by me. Not selling that. Likewise I'm keeping the microphones. I do tend to do voice stuff from time to time, and it's totally in my sweet spot.

Panasonic AJ-D200 DVCPRO camera. Hard shell case, lens, wide-angle and telephoto adapters, Anton Bauer rechargeable battery kit with two lightweight gold batteries, power supply, tripod mount. Fully complete professional shooting kit, short of a tripod.

Panasonic AJ-D650 DVCPRO deck. I need to keep the deck for a while longer to transfer some tapes, but if the camera goes, the deck can go, too.

JVC professional SVHS deck.

JVC professional 3/4" video deck.

Tektronix waveform monitor.

Some really nice racks for rack mounting. I might keep one, but I have three.

Mamiya 645 kit. Medium-format, beautiful pictures for headshots & portraits. Several lenses, extra backs, strobe, Cokin filter set (lots of filters), I'll have to do a complete listing of the contents. Steel case.

Minolta XG-7, my full shooting kit. Bunch of lenses, filters, accessories.

TEAC a-3340 4-track 10.5" reel-to-reel with NAB hubs. This may already be sold along with the mixer/NR unit.

Other stuff that's more secondary:

An off-brand british preamp/test rig, super high-impedance input perfect for an electric guitar, though no effects.

HP Laserjet 4 printer, needs servicing

HP laserjet 3D (duplex) printer, needs servicing

HP full-size HPGL plotter, worked when removed from service

Tektronix Prism 3000 logic analyzer, full w/all manuals and 68340 pods

Motorola 68HC11 eval board

Microchip DSP eval/prototyping board kit

Some lights. Big-ass 1k ellipsoidal fresnel. Maybe the Lee 1k baby fresnels.

Ikegami video monitor with component video board installed, needs servicing

Various EPROM programmers, removed from service for updates

Various SUN workstation cables (SCSI, monitor, etc.)

DEC Alpha 3000 workstation, loaded

And a bunch more stuff.

I could probably use a minion to handle ebay auctions for me. I could even pay a comission. Wouldn't exactly be high pay, but it would be cash and probably something spare time.

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