Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Wow. Last night was boring and smelly.

I cleaned the downstairs bathroom. Replaced the kitty litter, which was due for it's 3000 mile change, and in the process, I managed to drop it all over the floor. So I spent some time sweeping, mopping, and generally getting all the crap cleaned out of the bathroom. Which included one of the shelves from the refrigerator, which had become contaminated with some sort of goo during a power outage, and I had to figure out how to disassemble it and clean all the crevices with a detoxifying agent.

I want to design a bathroom that can just be cleaned with a freaking hose.

Then came the sorting of receipts for taxes. By 11:30, I was about halfway done, so I have more to do tonight. This weekend, I have to assemble and burn a couple of DVDs for potential clients, so the weekend is pretty much gone as well.

Next week, I'm going back to hotel-ing in Owatonna, because work is screaming for this thing to get done FASTER.

Ah, I need to curl up with a good blonde and read all weekend.

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