Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Dropping a door on my head last night was apparently not such a good idea. It has exacerbated my neck stiffness. Of course the teardown of the set and moving the pieces kind of contributes to the stiffness today as well, so woo-hoo.

Recording commentary tracks this weekend. Still determining the best way to go about this wonky feat. I suspect it will mean pulling my laptop station apart, though I should probably do that anyway as a major part of tearing apart my bedroom.

There's a lot of tearing down happening in my life as of late. It's probably a bit of necessary, but I never feel like I have enough time to get into the really meaty parts of the destruction, like the tearing and purging. The studio really needs it-- well the whole house really needs it-- but I don't feel like I have the time to take it on. It's kinda weird actually; after CONvergence, I figured I'd have a lot more "free" time, but chasing down loan opportunities and repair estimates and juggling money between house payments, bills, and the IRS fairy has left me ragged. Bringing down the studio is only adding to the raggedness.

I know it's progress. I know that it's the start of a long road.

Spent some time today learning how to file disputes on my credit report. There are two old ones which should have been removed a long time ago, but evidently the companies won't listen to individual requests. One looks like it's a data entry mistake, marked paid in full but with a $44.00 balance, the other is one that the company (AT&T) has no record of but has been turned in for collection (I have never recieved a request for collection).

So now that those are disputed, we shall see whence this goes.

Meeting with Homevestors on Monday at the Big Broken Box™ so they can look over the house and see where the value may or may not lie. Also have a home equity loan application in through the credit union, and one other loan company looking into it. I'd prefer the credit union because I like them a lot and I've had loans through them before.

Yahoo! Personals just charged my card with $99.95 for another year's subscription. I didn't authorize that, and the (India) tech support woman, reading from a script, told me that she would close my account and I "would recieve no further charges". I had to repeat the request to get the current charges reversed four times, sneaky bastards. Finally recieved a confirmation number for the refund, but I have not yet seen it posted. Nothing against Yahoo! Personals, but I got nothing worth a damn from that site but for entertainment value, and I have better things to drop a Benji on.

Also, it appears that my Sears account which I closed in 2003 after some Sears "partner" fraud is still open, though it's showing no activity since that whole fraud thing in 2003. I think I'll leave it open since it shows a good history of no late payments and there is no fee to keep it open. The interest rate is usurious (something like 27% APR), so I don't use the card at all, but I want to keep an eye on it.

And Capital One did something really weird: they made requests of my credit report something like 24 times (spaced about every two weeks) from September of 2004 to September of 2005. Seeing as I never applied for any credit from Capital One, this seems really weird and egregious. Seems like the possibility of identity theft happening, but nothing seems to have been charged anywhere weird.

My overall credit is actually pretty good, finally. My strategy of not actually using credit to buy stuff seems to have paid off somewhat. I know that they'd really rather see active credit and regular payments, but I'm not real keen on borrowing money when I don't need to.

Money is gonna be squeaky-tight for the next couple of weeks. I have to send off a payment to the IRS for $2600.00 by August 15th, and if nothing untoward happens, I'll be able to cut a check for that amount in two weeks. That leaves me one week of breathing room (that would better be used for the August house payment); the IRS is actually the top priority right now, having to do with this little thing called an Offer in Compromise and the rules behind it; long story short, if they decide to fuck me again, they will reinstate an $11,000 back-interest-and-penalty charge and load on back interest and penalties on that amount at somewhere around 25% annual interest (still less than the sears card), so I'd suddenly have an additional $16k or so on top of the $2600, immediately due and payable, complete with the wage garnishment and lien on the house and all. Which would put me into another financial tailspin from which I would likely never recover (Wage garnishment sucks; the IRS gets to set the amount that they "think" you should be paying, and they think I shouldn't be paying more than $600/month for a house payment; they take the rest).

Been there, done that. It was abysmal. I'm just now crawling out from that mess, and I haven't quite made it yet.

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