Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Amused as always by looking back on previous years.

From two years ago, a list of projects that need to be done on the Big Broken Box™:

1.) New (rear) deck railing & roof. This can be held off, as it's not really critical to the fixing of the leak. And the canopy can last for a while yet, though I'm curious about its snow-load ability. (Very much on hold)

2.) The front porch roof. This is a major job, probably two weeks worth with two people, plus cleanup. It may even be longer if the wood underneath is as rotten as I suspect. (Talk about underestimating.)

3.) Rear stoop/deck. This will most likely turn into a temporary set of stairs, as it's gonna require digging and pouring concrete footings, and I still have to figure out whether I want to extend the upper deck to create a roof over it. (completed)

4.) Storage shed. This one is probably the one that can't be held off. It has to be built before the front porch work so that all of the stuff that's on the porch can be moved into it for safekeeping. I could put it off until I get back, but I'd really rather get it done now to avoid more problems in the future. (completed)

As for the *inside* work:

5.) Install a new boiler. This is a day-and-a-half, not including the prep and cleanup work, so I can do it on a weekend, but it has to be delivered first. And it's a heavy bastard. And it HAS to be installed before winter. (completed)

6.) Repair to interior walls & ceiling. As a part of the new breezeway roof/deck, we had to demolish a section of the wall in the kitchen to run wiring. The wiring is done, other than my desire to get rid of an ugly old access panel that is just... well, ugly. And the ceiling in the dining room needs a section replaced from water damage. (haven't even started)

7.) Downstairs bathroom. This really dserves a full remodel. I doubt that I will be able to do the whole thing before I get back, but there are things that could be started. (Haven't even started)

8.) Upstairs bathroom. This really needs to be in concert with the downstairs. Primary thing is to get the bathtub upstairs replumbed and add a shower so that I will actually have a working shower during the bathroom remodel. I don't want to do a full remodel in the upstairs bathroom until I decide on whether the upstairs will have an addition. (No addition planned now, not started)

9.) Core cleaning. This is most definitely something that can happen during the winter, at least part way. The basement, studio, and other rooms are most definitely in need of a huge throwing-away fest. (started, but a long way to go)

10.) Setting up workspaces in the basement. This needs to happen after the purging... (Some purging has taken place and prep work has been accomplished)

Note that it doesn't include the roof or sidewalks, or any talk about a garage.

Most of the stuff that is cvomplete was completed last year. Most of what has been done this year has been done in the last few weeks.

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