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Big Broken Box™

[Rock <--> Marmot <--> Hard Place]

The worst part is that I wanted to keep the Homevestors thing as an ace-in-the-hole while I looked at other options, kind of an escape hatch if everything else failed. It still is there as a major emergency exit if we're looking at life-threatening you're-gonna-take-a-major-hit-but-you'll-still-be-alive kind of thing.

At this point, I'm not in death mode. I don't have to vacate, I don't have to sell immediately. I have the luxury of time.

Some good did come from last night. It took me until today to see it, so I am a bit recovered from the unexpected smackdown, and it really doesn't change things all that much, it's just the closing of a door and the focusing on a new path. But what I was able to take away yesterday was a good talk about what kinds of things need to be done to the house in order to make it a "saleable" property.

The emerging path is that I stay in the house for a while longer, have the roof done, finish the front porch. Work on some inside projects (repair the ceiling in the dining room, repair the wall in the kitchen) over the winter. Do the further cleaning and disencrapification. Reassess my position in a year.

Take on the stuff that needs repair. Probably too late to do sidewalks this year, though if I can get some strong backs and rent a jackhammer I might tear out the side sidewalk just to allow better drainage.

There's a hell of a lot of work ahead. And I'll be screaming for help more than a few times, I'm sure.

For now, there is planning to be done.
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