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Jul. 25th, 2006

All three kitty boxes, all the trash on the main floor, some stuff outside, a tiny bit of the kitchen. About two hours solid, maybe a bit more.

HRB writes me to tell me that I am highly unlikely to be able to do all the work by myself, and knowing my income level wants to know why I feel that I can't afford a professional crew (or crews) to come in and do everything.

I have to explain the whole thing about the back taxes, the rather large amount that I pay for medical insurance and prescription copays over and above that, the utility bills for heating and cooling an old underinsulated house, and the hookers and blow.

Simple explanation: I have nothing in savings, I won't be able to start putting away anything until sometime in September at the earliest, and even then it won't be a huge amount that I can put away, maybe a couple hundred a month. If I push it to $500 a month, I'd have barely enough to get the roof done in a year, and that's assuming no emergency car repairs or medical expenses or other work on the house, or even finishing the dental work that I should do.

Doing contingency plans; I think we're up to Plan F now. It involves me on the roof with a bucket of sealant. I have the bucket. I'd need scaffolding and roof jacks.


Jul. 26th, 2006 03:54 am (UTC)
I bet whoever buys it does a complete remodel and doesnt care bout a new roof

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