Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A stripper from New Jersey faced criminal charges on Wednesday after police found a severed hand and six human skulls in her home.

Linda Kay, 31, was due to be arraigned on Wednesday for improper disposition of human remains. Police said she was arrested on Friday.

Officers responded to a report of a man wanting to kill himself with a hammer, but instead discovered a hand inside a jar filled with formaldehyde on a dresser in a bedroom. Six human skulls were found in an upstairs bedroom, South Plainfield Police Capt. Paul Brembt said.

"The Middlesex County medical examiner responded to the scene and determined that the hand and all the skulls were from humans," Brembt said.

Brembt said Kay, who works for Hott 22, a juice bar with topless waitresses in Union, N.J., refused to tell authorities where she got the body parts.

Two people who knew Kay told The Star-Ledger newspaper of Newark that the hand, which Kay nicknamed "Freddy," was given to her by a medical student who frequented Hott 22.

Now if she were only emotionally stable...

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