Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Ah, the feel of hippopotami stamping around on my kidneys.

Sadie wants to go outside and play, but I am both worried about the heat index and feeling wholly underwhelmed with the idea of activity outside. We've gone out for a couple of times for a few minutes at a shot, but I am more enamored of napping.

Too much stuff to do though. I still have to put together music for Sasha, find or record some sound effects for windelina, and process the commentary tracks and start re-authoring the DVD. Because of the heat, I don't know if I'll be in the studio or not; I may try and do some of the rough work from the bedroom if it gets too insane.

Today's brunch is soup. Thick enough to eat with a fork. Turns out if you cook Campbell's Chunky Soup long enough, it congeals. 14 minutes in the microwave at 30% power is about perfect. Add some spices (oregano, garlic, chili pepper) and it's a tasty, schmecky good treat. Particlularly on a day of sleepy speed.

I suspect that my sense of hermitage will probably be increasing for the forseeable future. I'm feeling unworthy (whether it's a legitimate feeling or not doesn't come into play), and being around people-- especially attractive women type people-- is uncomfortable in a much more intense way than it should be. Until I figure out how to make that go away, I'm going to hide.

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